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Incursions and Excursions

In conjunction with the educational program, children will have the opportunity to take part in school excursions. Excursions vary from the use of local facilities to attending School Camps. Incursions usually involve Guest Speakers and special performances from travelling groups. Some excursions and/or incursions have a cost factor which is covered by the individual student curriculum fee. Parents are notified of all the necessary details prior to the incursion/excursion.

Parent permission forms must be signed and returned to class teachers before the due date. Written permission is required for children to attend excursions.

Parents / Guardians are invited to assist with supervision of students on some excursions. Parental involvement on excursions and incursions is at the discretion of the Classroom Teacher.

In order to attend any excursion or incursion at School a “Working With Children Check” card is required by law and must be taken and worn on the day.  No toddlers or other siblings are allowed to attend excursions.  Application forms for WWC card are available at Australia Post.