School Newsletter

School Newsletter

As communicated in our newsletters last term, we will be producing our School Newsletter three times per term.

The first one for the term will be published in week 1 or 2 and will contain some overview information for the term and a list of Important Dates for your diaries. This newsletter will be emailed to parents, uploaded to our website and the CC School App. We will also provide each family with a hard copy of this newsletter in 2019.

A further 2 newsletters will be published – one in Week 5 and one in Week 10. These will include information pertaining to the previous 5 weeks and alerting you to information relevant to the following 5 weeks. This change has occurred due to feedback from families and to the greater variety of ways we are able to communicate with families in this technological age!

Any feedback from you related to the production of the newsletter would be greatly appreciated and welcome!

Don’t forget to install our CC School App to receive school notifications, access to school calendar and publications such as the Newsletter.  In addition Learning Communities will also use the Remind App for specific learning community communication and updates.