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Open communication between the school and home is necessary to ensure that each child obtains the best outcomes from their education while at Corpus Christi.

Aims: Communication protocols at Corpus Christi aim to:-

1. Keep parents informed about

2. Assist parents in ways to support their child’s education at home through

3. Allowing for open dialogue between parents and staff when issues are raised over the course of the year.
1. Individual Appointments

2. School Newsletters

3. School/Home Communication Bag

4. Reply Slips

5. Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations

6. Programme Support Group (PSG) Meetings

7. Information/Curriculum Nights

8. Family Information / Details

9. Special Events

10. Maintenance Roster Reminders

11 Excursions Forms

12. Student Diaries

13. Reading Journals

14. Exit Notification