Open communication between the school and home is necessary to ensure that each child obtains the best outcomes from their education while at Corpus Christi.

Communication protocols at Corpus Christi aim to:-

1. Keep parents informed about the learning and wellbeing of their children whilst at school

2. Assist parents in ways to support their child’s education at home

3. Allowing for open dialogue between parents and staff when issues are raised over the course of the year.

There are many ways to stay informed, including:

  • School App – the Corpus Christi Smartphone App is free and available now for download either in the Apple App Store or via Google Play for Android devices. This contains whole school reminders, photos and letters from the Principal.
  • Remind App – each Learning Community has a unique code. Please see your teacher for access to your unit’s Remind App. Remind is used to share reminders and photos, in an effort to connect the learning to home so parents can better engage in conversations with their children about their learning.
  • School Newsletters – available electronically two to three times a term.
  • School Website – including policies and school information.
  • Emails, Phone Calls and Notes home 

In addition to this, parents and carers are encouraged to share information with the school via:

  • School/ Home Communication Bag
  • Student Diaries and Reading Journals
  • Parent Teacher Child Learning Conversations (PTCLCs)
  • Program Support Group (PSG) Meetings
  • Individual appointments
  • Information/ Curriculum Nights
  • Special Events

Corpus Christi highly values family-school partnerships and we know that students learn best when their family and school work in partnership together. Parents are advised to contact their child’s home-group teacher in the first instance, should they have any concerns or questions they wish to discuss.