Learning & Teaching

Specialist Teaching

LOTE (Italian)
• The school has the expertise of one teacher of L.O.T.E. Students participate in language and cultural experiences, including song, performance and cooking.

• The school has an excellent library to attend to the needs of Teachers, Children and Parents. Students can borrow books to take home for research or reading pleasure.

• The School has an Art Room and the experience of an Arts Specialist teacher. Students plan and create a variety of 2D and 3D art works and have the opportunity to attend art immersion excursions.

• All students experience Dance, Drama and Music through the Performing Arts program.

• All students participate in CSI classes where they investigate Digital Technologies and STEM based activities with a Specialist teacher.

• Private lessons for children to learn a musical instrument are available through private tuition.
• MacKillop College also provides instrumental lessons.
• Information about Private Music Tuition can be obtained through the School Office.
• The lessons are a contract between the tutor and the parents of the student and occur during the school day.