Uniform Policy

Labelling Uniforms

ALL pieces of uniform must be clearly labelled on the inside of the garment.
Names and/or initials must not be placed on the outside of garments as they are visible to strangers who may use the opportunity to call a child by name, to gain some inappropriate advantage over them. Graffiti is not allowed on any part of the school uniform and, if “graffitied”, the graffiti must be removed immediately or the garment replaced. A laundry marker will be available at the Office if you need to label your child’s clothing.

Any jewellery accessories such as rings, necklaces, bracelets or brooches are not to be worn with the school uniform. Nail polish and makeup is not permitted at any time. Girls and boys with pierced ears are required to wear either small sleepers or studs (no more than one in each ear).


All long hair is to be tied back during the school day. Head bands, multi-coloured scrunchies, hair scarves, hair extensions or ornaments are not part of the school uniform. Children who wear their hair up are required to use an elastic band, blue and white ribbons or scrunchies.


The school uniform list requires all children to wear black leather shoes. On the specified sports day for each grade, the children are required to wear runners. Runners are not a part of the normal school uniform and are therefore only to be worn on sports days. If children are unable to wear their school uniform for some reason, then a note informing the teacher is required.

School Hats

Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. One of the most effective ways to avoid exposing children’s skin to too much sun is to avoid the sun when it is at its strongest. Corpus Christi encourages the implementation of the Anti Cancer Council skin cancer prevention program. School hats comply with Anti Cancer Council design in order to block out UV Rays and cover the ears, face and neck. Other styles of hats are not considered suitable. The school recognises ‘Sunsmart – Hats On and Hats Off’ dates during the year. Families are notified of these dates annually via newsletter. During the ‘Hats On’ period children are expected to wear the school uniform hat to and from school everyday and to wear them during outdoor activities such as Physical Education, Excursions etc.

Children are not permitted out in the sun without a school hat, i.e. “NO HAT = NO PLAY”.
Children not wearing a school hat will be asked to sit under cover at recess and lunch.

Sunglasses which are approved by the Anti Cancer Council can be worn. Children are responsible for the care of their own sunglasses. Children are encouraged to apply sunscreen (preferably waterproof sunscreen) before school and to bring sunscreen in their school bag.

School Bag

Children are expected to use the Corpus Chrisit School Bag.

Valuables at School

Valuables such as toys, electronic games and mobile phones should not be brought to school. If such items are at school students are asked to submit them at the School Office upon arriving at school, not kept in school bag. This way mobile phones, ipods etc will not ‘distract’ children from their learning time and also assists in preventing loss or damage. Staff will not be held responsible for valuables.