Enrolment at Corpus Christi

FOUNDATION ENROLMENT INFORMATION SESSIONS are held  in February / March of the year prior to the child commencing school.


Catholic Primary Schools, in the Parish of St Andrew’s exist to enable the church to carry out its responsibility to provide for the baptised Catholic child, a formation in faith, hence priority in enrolment is given to Catholic children.

Priority in enrolment will be given to Catholic children who reside in each of the school’s catchment area.

The enrolment of non-catholic children who reside in the school’s catchment area may take place only when their enrolment would not exclude Catholic children from the school.

Enrolments into Corpus Christi Primary School are taken in the following priority:

1. Baptised children of Corpus Christi Primary School’s catchment area.
2. Siblings of children already enrolled at the school
3. Catholic children from other schools within St Andrew’s Parish where a need exists.
4. Children from Orthodox religions residing in the school’s catchment area.
5. Catholic children from other Parishes determined by the Parish Priest and Principal.
6. Other non-Catholic Baptised Christians where a faith environment is sought for the child.
7. Non-Christians where a need is established, following a meeting with the Parish Priest/Principal.

Parents are required to complete an Application for Enrolment before enrolment into the school can be considered.

The following original documentation is required for enrolment:

1. Baptism Certificate
2. Birth Certificate
3. Immunisation Certificate
4. Proof of Residence, rates, utility bills, driver’s licence
5. Stewardship Program Number
6. Relevant Visa and Passport

Enrolments: Special Needs
Children with special learning needs will be required to have a Program Support Group (PSG) established well in advance of enrolment formalities being completed.

Waiting List
In the event of all schools in the Parish being unable to offer a place to all baptised Catholic children resident in our catchment area, priority will be given to children whose parents are active members of the Parish.
• Participation in our Sunday worship;
• Participation through the Parish Census and Thanksgiving Program.

Enrolment of Non-Catholic Children
In order to maintain the distinctive Catholic ethos of Corpus Christi Primary School non-Catholic children may only be enrolled, after an undertaking by the parents, that the nature, life and identity of the school will be respected, as stated in the enrolment form agreement.