School Community

Parents and Friends

All parents are most welcome to join the Parents & Friends Association. Your support is also sought for fundraising activities, eg. pie and hot dog days etc., the proceeds of which go directly towards improvements to the school and the purchase of additional equipment.

The P & F is seen as a vital part to the total fabric of the school community ensuring that the school continues to achieve great results into the future.

Working Bees

There are 2 working bees held during the year. Notification will be via the newsletter and/or special notes. Staff and parents are invited to come along to improve and/or maintain the school buildings and grounds. Without ongoing support in this area, our grounds would quickly deteriorate.

Maintenance Roster

A letter requesting assistance from families for the maintenance of grounds and gardens is sent home at the end of the school year and a roster is prepared on a weekly basis. Reminder notes are sent home to families prior to their turn and a final notification is placed in the school newsletter fortnightly.

Parish Fair

The Parish of St Andrew’s hold an Annual Fair in November, usually around the third weekend, on the Friday night and Saturday afternoon and evening. It necessitates distribution of many notices through the school in the time preceding the Fair and also, the collection of return notes and materials. The Fair is a big fundraiser in the Parish and our school benefits directly from it. The fundraising and social committee take on a stall and would appreciate any help on the day. No other fundraising will take place in term 4 until the Fair is over.