Parent Engagement and Volunteering

The Staff at Corpus Christi consider parental engagement and involvement an integral part of the education of the children. Children see both teachers and parents working together for their benefit and therefore, develop positive attitudes towards school.

Parent Engagement is all the ways parents and school staff partner together to help children learn and develop to their best ability. The school and families communicate, build trust, set goals and nurture children’s growth and development, together.

Parent Involvement (volunteering) is one way parents can be involved in school life and is a great way to actively contribute to the school community.

Throughout the school there are many opportunities to become involved including excursions and working within classrooms in many different areas. Participation is not only achieved by helping in classes, but also by taking time to read information, answer notes and talking to your children about their learning. By doing these things you are helping your child understand that what happens at school is important. Communication and co-operation between staff and parents is the key to successful education. Other ways to be involved include joining the Parents and Friends Association or the School Board.

Working with Children Check (WWCC)

Since 30th December 2007 it is an offence under the Working with Children Act 2005 to engage in child related work without displaying or having applied for a WWCC this includes volunteer work undertaken by Parents / Carers / Grandparents at School. We advise that ALL parents obtain this check by applying online at . In order to be involved with your child at school such as attending excursions, assisting P & F with treat days etc you will need to have a WWCC Card. Please consider this an important matter as we would love to have you involved with your child/ren here at Corpus Christi. Parents are also asked to read and sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct and submit this to the school office.

Your Working with Children Check Card must be worn / displayed whenever you are working with or on behalf of the school.

Visitor’s Book & Visitor’s Badge

All visitors to the school during the school hours must be signed in and wear a ‘visitor’ badge. You must sign out when leaving the school grounds – this includes all Parents who help out in classrooms and when volunteering. Remember if at school for any reason other than meeting with a member of staff you require both your WWCC card and Visitor Badge worn at all times.

School Advisory Council

Corpus Christi has a School Advisory Council. Parents are elected each year to be a part of the Board which meets regularly to discuss educational issues and School Policies and make recommendations to the Parish Priest and Principal.

Classroom Involvement

Parental help is welcome in the classrooms and in the Library. Parents will be offered a Professional Training Program, called Classroom Helpers to support them in this involvement. All volunteers are reminded of their Child Safety obligations and are required to report any concerns or issues to the teacher-in-charge of the activity.