Student Wellbeing

Student Leadership

At Corpus Christi, we value people who believe in themselves and others. There are many opportunities to develop leadership skills at Corpus Christi, including the Student Leadership Team, Student RE Team, Student Child safe Team, and SRC. Every student has the opportunity to lead school liturgies, assemblies and school events throughout the year.

Good leaders at our school will strive to:

  • Enable people to feel comfortable and safe
  • Look presentable and take pride in their appearance and school
  • Be confident in themselves and encourage confidence in others
  • Be a positive role model
  • Generate and listen to ideas that will improve teaching, learning and safety at Corpus Christi
  • Stand for Justice
  • Treat every member of the school community with respect and fairness
  • Be a good listener.


The SRC is made up of the CC School Leaders and House Captains along with a rotation each semester of general members, those students who are voted to represent students by their peers.  The SRC gives our students the opportunity to have a ‘student voice’ and the chance to contribute to the decision making with regard to things that affect them at school.  Through formal class meetings and informal contact with their peers, the students give feedback and suggestions in ways they feel they could improve or sustain the culture and climate of our school.  The SRC regularly meet with teachers and members of the leadership team to discuss their ideas, to plan class meetings and events or activities.