School Routine

All class teachers are in their classrooms at 8:30am for preparation, to welcome students and to address minor inquiries from parents.

8:15am School gates are open – Children will be supervised and may play on designated areas of the playground.
8:30am Bell Children enter the classroom and unpack bags and prepare for the new day.
8:40am Bell Children to move to their classroom and should be ready to commence the day’s activities. ** Punctuality at the beginning of the day is extremely important. Children who arrive after 9:00 am must be signed in through the office **
8:45am Bell Classes begin – School gates will be closed
10:45am Bell 1st Lunch play begins
11:25am Bell Children come into the classroom and eat their Lunch supervised by a teacher
11:35am Bell Children move to their learning space with their teacher
1:35pm Bell 2nd Lunch
2:05pm Bell Children move off into their classroom with their teacher.
Children and Teachers pack-up for the close of the school day and dismissal
3:05pm Bell School Finished