At Corpus Christi, we believe the use of technology is central to our rapidly evolving digital world. We support the rights of all members of the school community to be provided with and engage in a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment. This extends to the use of digital tools and online communities and is underpinned by our expectation of safe and responsible behaviour of all members of the school community.

We at Corpus Christi aim to produce learners who are confident, safe and effective users of Digital Technology.

Digital Technology (DT) User Agreements

At the beginning of each year, students and parents are asked to read, discuss and sign the school’s DT User Agreement, agreeing to abide by the school’s DT expectations.

Online Safety

Corpus Christi is committed to educating students how to be safe online. Through our Wellbeing and Digital Technology programs, students learn about online etiquette, privacy, safety and how to seek support or report online concerns.

From time to time, the school receives reports of social media concerns that occur outside of school hours. We try our best to support students at school and contact parents and follow up as necessary. We strongly recommend parents consider the age ratings for social media apps and online games and monitor their child’s participation in these.

A series of resources to support parents can be found in the attached documents below. All of this information, and more, is available from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website

Mobile Phones, SmartPhones and Smart Devices

We acknowledge that some families want their child to have a mobile phone or ‘smart device’, particularly to assist with family communication and student safety before and after school. Our current policy is that students must submit their device to the school office before school and they can collect it on their way home, after school. This enables focussed learning time, safe storage and maintains privacy regulations during school hours.

Any student who brings a mobile phone to school that is not handed in at the school office runs the risk of having their phone stolen or confiscated.