Physical Education

  • Corpus Christi offers a comprehensive and varied Physical Education Program where all children are required to participate.
  • As children progress through the school, they learn skills and rules associated with a variety of Minor & Major Games.
  • Children will experience competition in a controlled and educative environment within each Unit at a level that is appropriate to the children concerned. It will be controlled and monitored by the class teachers
  • Werribee is well serviced by many clubs that offer a variety of sports on a competitive basis. Parents wishing to have their children compete at that level can join any one of these clubs.

Sports House Teams

On arrival at Corpus Christi School, children are included in house/teams which are designated by team colours and names. Once in a particular house/team that child and all his/her siblings will remain in the house/team for the length of their stay at Corpus Christi.


Children are expected to wear their sports uniform on their particular sports day. All children are expected to participate in physical education skills programs and sports events.

Inter-School Sports

Corpus Christi will participate in the Inter-School Sport Program offered in the Werribee area. Corpus Christi children, mainly from the middle & senior levels, will be offered the opportunity to enter:
• Swimming Carnival
• Athletics Carnivals
• Cross Country
• Lightning Premiership in Football, Soccer, Netball and Tee-ball

Individual children already participating in, or demonstrating specific potential, will also be offered the opportunity to enter into specialised sporting events such as :-
• Golf
• Hockey
• Rugby
• Cricket


Corpus Christi does not have a current Swimming program. Families are notified and encouraged to take advantage of the many swimming programs available within the Werribee area as deemed appropriate by the parents.